December 26, 2011

5 Good Personal Finance Blogs You May Not Know

- -Barbara has an MBA in finance and a BS in economics.  Probably more qualified than 99% of the personal finance bloggers out there (including myself).   She writes well and covers some interesting stuff.

Cash Flow Mantra

"Increase Cash Flow by Saving, Earning, Investing"
--They focus on investing and passive income type stuff.   I like the writing and the variety of topics.

Canadian finance blog
"The Canadian Source for personal finance"
If you live a ways North of me and are tired of hearing about Roth IRAs and other American centric financial topics then this blog is worth checking out.  But then if you're Canadian you probably already heard about it, oh well its still a good one. 

Minting Nickels
"One Family's Adventures in Making Money From Nothing"
I love the graphics and photos on this blog.   They focus on making extra money from here or there.   Its a good read.  Did I mention the graphics are great?

And from the golden oldies column...

Bad Money Advice  
"Because Mainstream Personal Finance Advice Is Not What It Should Be"
This one is now actually retired.   The author went and got himself a real job and stopped writing some time ago.  But what he did write is still better than 99% of other blogs are writing still today even if a lot of its out of date.  If you've got some time go wander through the archives.



  1. Thanks for the mention at your site. You are an incredibly prolific writer. I am going to start following you.

  2. I have run through some those finance blogs. They are great! You got a wise choice.


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