March 19, 2018

Community College is Free

I apologize for the clickbait lie title.     Community college isn't actually "free".     Well not exactly.   The average net tuition for community colleges is actually NEGATIVE.    That means that after paying for tuition and fees on average students end up with extra cash in their pocket. 

The College Board Trends in College Pricing data  shows it :

source : College Board, click image for full size

Right now as of the current 2017-2018 school year the average cost for students for tuition and fees is : -$330.   

In other words community college is free.   On average.

Well OK its more accurate to say that the average financial aid and grant package and tax incentives for community college students exceeds the average cost of tuition and fees.   But who would have clicked on an article with THAT title?   Boring!

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