Advertisement, endorsement and comission policy

I wanted to take a moment to make a quick post on my policy towards advertisements, endorsements and commissions.

I accept do paid advertisements for this blog. That much should be pretty obvious, there are banner ads and Google Adsense links on the columns. The Google Adsense links and articles are not chosen by myself and I have no direct control over their content. I do not endorse the products offered by Adsense. If you see any questionable ads from Adsense the please let me know so I can block that content. The other ads I pick are from companies I know about and I either use myself or which have a good reputation. I try and pick respectable companies that provide a good product or service. However I have no direct control over those companies either of course.

I do not accept paid posts. I will not write a post endorsing something simply because the company paid me to do so.

I do have commission program and affiliate program links to other companies. If I write about something I'll throw in a commission link if I can find a program for it and sign up easy enough. I only provide links to companies I use and like myself OR if I don't use it myself then I will only link to companies that have a known good reputation.

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