May 22, 2015

Best of Blogs for Week of May 22nd

Every Friday afternoon I share some of the more interesting or notable posts that I have seen in the personal finance blogs and other sources for the past week

Glassdoor compares How 50 Cities Compare for Jobs
If you sort the first column 'hiring opportunity rank' then that will compare the # of jobs versus population.  Note its just based on postings on Glassdoor so it may be skewed but probably pretty good reflection of overall market I'd think.

The Big Picture shares : Stovall: Inflation/Rate Adjusted Stocks Don’t Look Expensive
Of course its just one perspective, but I think it makes some sense.   If inflation is low right now its more likely to be high in the future.  That would, we could assume, mean higher prices and therefore higher revenues in the future.  

Planet Money answers the question Will Your Job Be Done By A Machine?   for a variety of occupations.    I for one welcome our future robot overlords.


May 21, 2015

Fewer People Are Working Two Jobs

I worked two jobs for a few months back in college once.   I didn't have a compelling need to do it but I seemed able to manage it and I guess I just wanted the extra money.   I'm proud to say I got straight A's that quarter in college.   I honestly think having to work that much and go to school full time forced me to be a better student.   With such little free time I had to manage my time better to get my school work done.  When I had more free time I had more of a tendency to goof off more as there was ample time to fill and that just turned into more goofing off and procrastinating and homework didn't always get done when it should.   What... what was I talking about?   Oh... yes having two jobs.   Some people do that and I'm assuming most people working two jobs do it because they need the money.  But only a few people really work two jobs and the numbers have been dropping.

The BLS article Multiple jobholding over the past two decades  has the data in graphic and table form.   You can go to their site to see specific dates if you want details.   But I've copied the graph from their site here so we can see the trend :

(click image for full size)

The rate has been going down mostly for the past 20 years.   The rate peaked at 6.8% in 1995 and was down to just 5% as of the end of 2013.   Doesn't seem like the recession had any substantial impact on the trend either.


May 15, 2015

Best of Blogs for Week of May 15th

Every Friday afternoon I share some of the more interesting or notable posts that I have seen in the personal finance blogs and other sources for the past week

DoughRoller tells us about 10 Personal Finance Myths Busted

TheBigPicture shared Business Booms and Busts which has a graphic showing the economy cycles from 1775 to 1944

Found TheBigPicture, Trulia has an interactive graphic comparing Rent vs. Buy: Which is Cheaper for You?   It determines which is cheaper in general for major cities and has a few variables to play with.


May 14, 2015

16% Cash Back at Lenovo from Ebates - $75 tablet, $167 laptop

One of the 16% cashback deals at Ebates today is Lenovo computers.   There are some potential good computer deals to be had.

Some example deals..

If you sign up for their email mailing list then you can get a coupon for $100 off of a computer purchase.   This is only good for first time users and the $100 coupon can't be combined with other coupons or it seems discount prices.

7" Android TAB 2 A7-10 Tablet for $90 with $14.4 cashback = $75.60 net

P190 gray headset for $10 after coupon  USP1MY356632 with $1.60 cashback = $8.40

S21e 11.6'' Micro-Sized and Maximum Power Laptop model 80M40015US for $199 with coupon USPS25US57 with 16% cashback of $31.84 = net $167.16

$10 off $50, $20 off $100, or $40 off $200 and Free shipping on Lenovo Branded Accessories.  using coupon  ACCSAVE.     That would be good to get a laptop docking station or similar for a reasonable discount.

Standard Ebates blurb:To get cash back from Ebates you need to be signed up with Ebates.  Then simply go to Ebates to get the referral to the store before you do your shopping.  I also get a referral bonus if you use my links to sign up with Ebates.  

-- This article may contain referral links which pay this site a commission for purchases made at the sites.

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