December 27, 2011

How Have My ETF Investments Done

I have had several investments in ETF funds in my Roth IRA.  I've bought the funds to have widely diversified investments.  Some of the funds are ones that hold stocks with higher dividend payouts.

Here is a table for all the ETFs that I have bought.   I show the original purchase daid, the amount I paid per share, total dividends received to date, the current trading value per share and the cumulative annual return rate for the investments.

ETF bought paid dividends current return
DVY May-10 $44.37 $2.68 $52.94 15%
ICLN May-10 $15 $0.57 $8.40 -28%
ICLN May-10 $15
$17.63 17%
PEY Sep-10 $8.08 $0.44 $0.07 22%
VTI Mar-11 $68.32 $0.86 $63.49 -9%
VYM Jan-09 $35.41 $3.20 $44.54 10%
VYM Aug-11 $41.14 $0.30 $44.54 29%

I bought ICLN and then sold off most of it at $17.63 making a profit.   It has then dropped under $9 so the stock I've got left is negative.  All together I'm down 5% on that one.
I bought VYM two times so theres two entries for that one.

Here is how my investments have compared to the S&P 500's performance in the same periods :

mine SP500 diff
DVY 15% 8.6% 6%
ICLN -5% 8.6% -14%
PEY 22% 10.1% 12%
VTI -9% -8.6% 0%
VYM 10% 10.3% 0%
VYM 29% 6.1% 23%

As you can see I'm beating or equalling the S&P in most cases.   My investments in VTI & VYM are in broad market indexes so I'd expect those to be a lot closer to the performance of the S&P 500 than not.


  1. In the first table you list the 'cumulative annual return rate' for your investments. Are you using the same measure when comparing them to the S&P performance?

  2. BK, Yes I'm trying to do an apples to apples comparison on the returns when I compare to the S&P 500 benchmark. I bought the various investments at different times so I've had to figure each individually and then figure the return on the S&P 500 in the same time. I figure all the returns in an annual cumulative basis.


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