June 5, 2009

How I've made $24 off Ebates

So far I've made the following rebates from Ebates:
Orbitz = $3
Tell a friend = $5
Sign up Bonus = $5
Hotels.com = 3% of $375 = $11.25 pending

Thats $24 .25 total.

The first 3 have been registered by Ebates already. The last one is a recent purchase and hasn't shown up on the Ebates site.

I missed out on the following simply cause I forgot to check Ebates if they have a discount:
Newegg 2% of $13 = 26¢ Oops. Well at least it was only 26¢.

I really don't do a ton of online shopping. Theres only a few things I get online. One area that I can benefit from Ebates is travel purchases. I get almost all my travel reservations via online sites. So if I simply need to remember to stop by Ebates to check and see if the site I'm buying something from has a rebate. It only takes about 1 minute to swing by Ebates, log in, search for a vendor and then follow the link to the vendor site. It only took me an 2 extra minutes to get over $14 cash back from my Orbitz and Hotels.com purchases.

Of course you can only get cash back via Ebates if you spend money on merchants that they get rebates for. I wouldn't recommend changing your spending habits due to this. But if you are going to spend money on a merchant that works with Ebates already then why not go ahead and get an extra percent or two back? Its a no brainer as far as I'm concerned.

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