June 4, 2009

Get $25 free when opening an ING account with $250

I've been an ING Direct customer since 2005. I'm a happy customer. ING offers a high yield online savings account. Right now the rate on the savings account is 1.5% which is well above the national average. If you wish to sign up for an ING account you can get $25 free by using a link below.

ING Direct is FDIC insured, there are no fees and you get 24 hour online access.

Simply follow one of the links below and setup a new ING account with $250 initial deposit and you'll get a $25 bonus. If you do, I'll also get a $10 bonus. To qualify for this bonus, you must use a link below.

Here are the links to use:

Referral #1

Referral #2

Referral #3

Referral #4

(Links refreshed June 7th)

Note if you do not plan to open the account with $250 then just follow this link instead. There is no $25 bonus if you don't start with at least $250.

The links are one use only, so if you get the following message its been used:
We’re sorry, but the referral link within the email you received has expired and is no longer valid. We recommend that you contact the sender and ask them to re-send the referral email. Or click ‘Continue’ to proceed with the application process without the account opening bonus.

If you see that then please try another link. If all the links are used then please leave a comment to let me know and I'll replace them with new referral links.

Rules of the game: Bonuses are only paid for accounts that are opened with an initial deposit of at least $250. Initial deposit does not include bonus. The $25 bonus is available only for new accounts with a new Customer as primary owner. Only one bonus will be provided per household. Bonus starts earning interest upon account opening, but is unavailable for withdrawal for 30 days. Valid through 7/4/2009.

1 comment:

  1. Sweet deal! I took advantage of it myself. And now you only need a $100 deposit, not $250!

    If anybody would like a referral code for a $25 sign up bonus, mine is 17100653S1

    Here’s how you can take advantage:
    1) Sign up for a new account with ING Direct http://www.ingdirect.ca/en/signmeup/index.html

    2) Enter this Orange Key code at the end of the form: 17100653S1

    3) Write yourself a cheque for $100 or more. Include your ING Client number on the cheque. Mail cheque to ING Direct.

    4) In 2-3 business days, the money will be in your account (your $100 deposit + $25 bonus from Orange Key)

    5) You will get your own Orange Key – so you can start referring people (if they use your key, you both get $25 when your referrals open an account)


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