June 21, 2009

5-20% off online shopping with Discover Card

The Discover Card has a discount shopping service called Shop Discover. The system is setup for online shopping and you follow Discover Card's link to major online retailers and you can get a 5-20% discount. Plus on top of the 5% or more off you still get the Discover card cash back reward (up to 1% usually). Most of the rebates are in the 5-10% range and only a few are in the 15-20% level. But there are a lot of good merchants in the 5-10% level.

As I've discussed before Ebates gives you cash back on purchases through online merchants so I figured I'd compare Ebates to the Shop Discover rebates. In every case below Discover beats Ebates.

Below are a few of the retailers that you can get discounts from. For comparison, the Ebates discount is in parentheses ().

Shop Discover 5% discount at :
Best Buy (1% at Ebates)
Cabelas (3%)
Bluenile (3%)
Dell (4%)
Gap (1%)
Hotels.com (3%)
Hotwire (2%)
iTunes (3%)
Kohls (2%)
Lego (1%)
Walgreens (4%)

10% at :

Footlocker (5%)
1800 contacts
Nike (6%)

If you have a Discover card then these are some pretty good discounts. I still like Ebates but the Shop Discover discounts generally beat them for merchants that Discover covers.

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