October 18, 2009

$20 / month to water my lawn

I had previously tried to figure out how much it costs to water my lawn. At that point we had just recently had our front lawn landscaped and got an automatic sprinkler system installed. WE had not had automatic sprinklers before and I wasn't too worried about keeping the lawn nice and green so previously we hadn't spent anything on watering the lawn. But with the nice new lawn we have now we want to keep it nice so we watered it all summer after it was put in.

I got the latest water bill recently. I'm sure that millions of people have been waiting anxiously to find out exactly how much it costs me to water my lawn so I feel obligated to let everyone know.

From my previous estimates I figured that the cost of watering the lawn was somewhere between $8 and $60 a month. The actual amount falls in that range.

Our latest water bill was for $170 which is $70 more than a normal bill. However our water bills are for 2 months. So thats $70 for two months of watering. Furthermore we watered the lawn 3 times a day during the first 3 weeks because it was new sod and the landscaper told us that you should water it that much extra the first 3 weeks to make sure it grows well at the start. So we were basically watering 3 x 3 weeks + 1 x 5 weeks worth over the 8 weeks which would equate to using 1.75 times as much water as normal. If we hadn't watered triple the amount for the first 3 weeks then our bill would have been closer to $140.

Based on our first bill and considering how we watered extra the first three weeks, I'd figure that a normal month worth of watering our lawn will cost us $20.

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