October 19, 2009

Carnival of Personal Finance Edition #227 at

Fabulously Broke is hosting the #227th Carnival of Personal Finance. Fabulously Broke took a novel approach to the carnival and wrote it in the style of telling the story of their own personal finance journey.

My article Cheap Ways to Delay Expiration of Airline Miles was included in the carnival.

A couple articles I found on the carnival that I liked myself were:

How much does it cost to raise a child & 10 ways to cut the cost! from Christian Personal Finance Rather then the vague giant "it costs $250,000" to raise a kid they give concrete numbers on what they actually spend on their children.

Ten Ways I Have Made Money Since Loosing My Job from The Buck List
Has 10 ways he at least tried to make money with varying success. I like this one since he gives some examples of stuff he tried that didn't work so well and some that worked better.

There are a ton of other great articles on the carnival so take a minute and check it out.

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