October 12, 2009

12% off Equifax scores reports via Ebates

You can get 12% off Equifax products via Ebates. You can get your Equifax credit report and Equifax FICO score for $15.95 and the 12% discount will give you a $1.91 refund via Ebates.

While you're at it check out some other good deals on Ebates:

Sears has 4% back
HP's store is 6%
Ann Taylor has 5% back plus $25 off a $125 purchase.
Old Navy is 8%
Tracfone for 12%

If you aren't currently an Ebates member then this is how it works.. You sign up for an account on Ebates. Then you find the online merchant you want to shop at on the Ebates site. From the Ebates site you follow their link to the merchant. Once at the merchant site you buy your product normally. You'll automatically get a credit on Ebates for the purchase. Then later you'll get a rebate from Ebates via Paypal or a check. I've been using it for a while and its fairly easy and I haven't had any problems with it. Its a good way to get a few % back on your online purchases.

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