October 3, 2009

Finally got my refund from Verizon

I wrote before how it was taking months to get a refund from Verizon. They originally charged me $99.99 in July for not returning a broken modem that they hadn't asked me to return. I called initially and they admitted that I shouldn't have been charged and said I didn't have to return the modem. On the first call they said they'd refund me the $99.99. Time passed and I got my next statement with no credit so I called them again. Again in the second call they said that they would credit me but it would take 1-2 months to show up. That irritated me at the time and prompted me to write about it here. The September statement showed up and I had no credit still. So this time instead of calling them I I wrote Verizon another email asking them what is going on and when I'd get my credit. After that mail I finally got a credit from Verizon for the $99.99 that they had charged me. The credit showed up on my account last week.

It took two phone calls and an email to get the credit. Verizon had apparently 3 people in a row mishandle this. The first person caused the charge to go on my account when it shouldn't. Then two customer reps in a row said they would fix it and didn't. It took me about 2 months to get the whole thing cleared up and by the time I get a refund Verizon will have had my money for 3 months. Thankfully $100 isn't going to hurt me, but the principal of the issue is very annoying.

This is one major strike against Verizon in my personal book.

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