March 16, 2010

Top Undergrad Business Schools

Businessweek magazine recently ran an article on the top undergaduate business schools in the nation.   Their website ranks the top 50 schools.

Here is a list of the top 10 undergraduate business schools and the tuition rates:

#1 Notre Dame $38,477
#2 Univ. Virginia $9,872
#3 MIT $37,782
#4 U. Penn $38,970
#5 Cornell $21,814
#6 UC Berkeley $10,333
#7 Emory $38,036
#8 U. Michigan $11,645
#9 Boston College $39,130
#10 U. Texas $9,808

If you didn't know anything else about these schools other than the rankings and tuition rates then do you think it makes more sense to go to Notre Dame or University of Virginia?   What about U.C. Berkeley or Emory?

This list should speak for itself as evidence that you don't have to pay private school tuition rates to get a top notch education.

Of course I wouldn't pick a school based on just the tuition rate and a magazine ranking.   There are a lot of factors to look at.  For example if you get into MIT and your family income is under $75,000 then your tuition is free.   Or if you are from out of state your non-resident tuition & fees at Univ. Virginia is $31,870.

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  1. I attended the UVa School of Commerce (they like to have unique names for things) and you can't beat it for the price. Excellent education, first rate faculty, great overall experience.


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