March 28, 2010

2% Raise at Work

I got a 2% raise at work for my annual raise.    I didn't get a raise last year since my employer had frozen wages.   Thus far in the past 13-14 years I've been averaging about 7-8% annual raises.   My raises have been mostly 2-4% increases with some 10-20% raises mixed in when I got pay grade promotions.

Given the state the economy has been I'm not at all unhappy with a 2% raise. 


  1. I believe you should be happy. That's 2% more than me this year. Compare that to the nations unemployment rate, layoffs, raise freezes and wage reductions, you're doing pretty good...

  2. Given the state of the economy, that 2% increase is nothing to take for granted. I agree with John - all things considered, you're doing fine.


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