March 8, 2010

15% off on Alice gift cards

I got an email from advertising 15% off on their gift cards.   The discount is available until March 11th.

The standard prices on aren't the cheapest.   For a few things I looked at Alice's prices were more expensive than Costco.   So its not exactly a bargain shop.   But it does have some benefits.

The key benefit of Alice is their Coupons.   Coupon deals on Alice can give you good prices.   For example some current coupon deals on Alice : Theraflu packets for $3.39 which are $5.79 at Safeway. Old Spice 'High Endurance deodorant for $1.87 compared to $2.99 at Safeway.  Crest Multi-care whitening for $2.06 versus $3.49 at Safeway.  Convenience of shopping online and free shipping.   Also you can buy US postage stamps on so this is a way to get stamps at a discount.

 If you combine the coupon discounts with the 15% off on gift cards you can get even more savings.  For example, say I bought some of the Crest toothpaste.   Right now with the coupon it is $2.06 per tube.  With the 15% off discount that is $1.75 per tube.   Thats about 50% off the normal price at Safeway.

One catch with Alice is that you have to buy minimum 6 items at a time for them to justify shipping an order.  The products on Alice are all name brands and you can often get much better prices by buying generic or store brand equivalents.

Overall I have mixed opinion of Alice.  I think that if you use it right then it can give you some pretty good deals.  But don't assume you're getting the best price there.

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