March 29, 2010

Stuff I'd Like to Buy

There are a number of things that I'd like to buy but I haven't bought.   I've seriously thought about buying these items but I haven't bought them.   I might buy some of these things in the future and others I'll cross off my mental wish list. 

Video game systems: 
PlayStation 3 - About $300 retail. OR an Xbox 360 - $200 and up for the system.
Why I want them:  I've thought of maybe getting a PS3 or Xbox360 since they both have higher end graphics.  This would allow us to play some of the newer games on the market with the latest greatest graphics.  Plus the PS3 would also play Blu-ray movies which is also something I'm interested in getting.
Why I Haven't bought :   I already have the Wii and we don't play it too much.  The cost of the systems doesn't seem worth it given the amount we play video games.

Television equipment:
Blu-Ray player - In the $100 to $200 range.   Tivo HD - $300 for just a box,  $200 for lifetime service
Why : Another item in the entertainment category.   We currently have an HD DVD player and an HD DVR from the cable company.   The HD DVD player works fine for playing regular DVDs so we still use it.  But I bet on the wrong horse for HD movies and now am considering buying a Blu-ray player to replace it.    The cable DVR is not as good as a Tivo.  I have a regular standard def. Tivo series 2 box at home and it worked great but now we're on HD so I'd really like to get a HD DVR from Tivo.
Why not:  I'll likely buy a Blu-ray player sooner or later.  I've been waiting for them to come down in price.  Theres no huge rush since the DVD format is suiting our needs fine for now.  We have a DVR from the cable company so that suites our needs (wants) well enough for now. Plus the out of pocket cost for the Tivo is hard to get over, even though I do think its worth it in the long run.

Netbook - In the $200 to $400 range,Laptop - $400 and up
WHy:   Our main computer at home is getting a bit old.  I think its about 5 years old now.  It still works OK mostly, but its definitely showing its age.  So its about due for replacement in general.   My wife and I have been looking at Netbooks for a while since they'd be handy to use around the house and would handle most of our computer needs which are primarily email & internet surfing.   But I also have an occasional desire to play some video games and a Netbook can't handle that.   So I've also considered getting a full fledged laptop instead.  I don't really play the power hungry games so a Laptop should fit my gaming needs OK.  

Why Not:   The current computer still works fine and portability is more of a minor convenience.

Energy Savers:
Electric car - TBD, maybe around $30,000 before tax credits
Solar panels - About $6,000 after tax credits and rebates for a 3.5kW system.   It would save about $30 a month on my electricity bill or $360 a year. 
Heat pump - I'm guessing it cost $4,000 to $8,000.   I'm guessing it would cut my heat bill in half roughly.   That would be about $400 per year in savings give or take.
WHY:  I generally like to buy energy saving devices.   I don't like wasting energy.  Its just wasteful and wasteful is bad in my mind.   Course I don't go insane on this and I only buy energy saving stuff that I think is financially worth it.  
Why Not:   Electric cars aren't yet readily available but its looking like they may cost a lot and the gas savings may not quite justify the expense.   Solar panels aren't that great of an investment even with government tax credits and utility rebates.   Heat pump is close to being a good buy but we just got our house air sealed and insulation added last year so were delaying further home energy improvements.

I usually have stuff in my mental wish list that I'd like to buy for some reason but simply haven't bought or I'm still thinking on.   If I ran out and bought everything that crossed my mind as 'neat' or fun to have then I'd be spending thousands of dollars pretty frequently.   I'll continue to mull over this list of stuff I want in my mind.  I might buy some items eventually but I probably won't buy most of them.

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