March 26, 2010

Healthcare Reform Impact to Health Savings Accouts and My Health Insurance

I've mentioned before that I have a Health Savings Account (HSA).   I was curious if the recently passed health care reform bill would impact the HSA's in any way.  I didn't see anything about HSA's in the bullet point summaries of the bill that I've seen so I was assuming that HSA's were unchanged.  But to be sure I figured I'd check out the full text of the bill. 

The only thing I could find about HSAs in the full text of the bill, was this bit on page 115 :
"CONTRIBUTIONS.—The Secretary may issue regulations under which employer contributions to a health savings account (within the meaning of section 223 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986) may be taken into account in determining the level of coverage for a plan of the employer".
 That isn't going to impact how I use the HSA.  My employer doesn't make any direct contribution to my HSA so that won't impact me at all.   Even if your employer does contribute to an HSA this looks like its just discussing how they count that money as a benefit of your employment. 

From what I've found in the bill itself there isn't any impact to how Health Savings Accounts work from the healthcare reform.

I was also curious if my health insurance coverage at work would change any due to the reform.   My employer sent out a memo saying that they don't see any impact to our insurance due to the reforms.   Of course thats just their initial reaction to the immediate impacts.  They're still pouring over the details to be sure but they don't expect anything to change for us.

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