March 10, 2010

February heat down 60%, Winter total down 40%

Since we got our home air sealed and insulation increased I've been tracking the heat costs of this winter versus last year. 

Our February heat bill was down 60% from last year, however it was considerably warmer in February this year compared to 2009.

February 2009 heat bill =$219
February 2010 heat bill = $90

February  2009 degree days = 698
February  2010 degree days = 565

There is now five months of data from Oct 2009 through Feb 2010 to compare to last winter. 

Its been a marginally warmer this winter:
2008 Oct - 2009 Feb Degree Days =3,008
2009 Oct - 2010 Feb Degree Days = 2,955

But we've spent a lot less on heat costs:
2008 Oct - 2009 Jan Heat cost =$823
2009 Oct - 2010 Jan Heat cost =$488

Total accumulative heat savings $335 or 40%.

Winter is almost over so I'm getting close to wrapping this up.  

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