February 3, 2009

S&P 500 historical price data

Here are some resources for data on S&P 500 price history:

This article S&P 500 Price Growth : 1927 - Aug 2008 some nice charts showing growth of the S&P versus constant growth rates. Note the price charts don't include the dividends.

Yahoo Finance has index listings for S&P500 with historical data going back to 1950.

The article The S&P 500 at Your Fingertips from Political Calculations has a nice handy calculator that lets you compare the growth of the S&P between two specified dates. It will give you the annualized rates of change with or without dividend reinvestment between two dates.

Or you can just go straight to Standard and Poors and find numbers there. They have such info as Annual Price Appreciation from 1980 or S&P 500 Historical Average Price to Earnings Ratio. plus data on dividends.

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