February 25, 2009

Make $100 at SaveYourself.com

SaveYourself.com has an offer from TD Ameritrade to give you $100 if you deposit $100 a month for 12 months. If you simply use this as an alternative savings account for the minimum $1200 then you'll get over 8% annual interest rate. If you had $1200 sitting in a typical bank account for a year or in a CD you might get 2-3% interest today which equates to $24-$36. But if you instead open a TD Ameritrade account at SaveYourself you'll get $100. The money in the SaveYourself account is FDIC insured and if in their money market you'll get 0.5% interest as well.

There are a few restrictions and requirements on the account. So make sure to read all the details when signing up. You can't open the account as an IRA account and the money has to stay in the account the whole time. So if this is money you expect to need within the next 12 months then I'd instead keep it in a regular high yield savings account. But if you've got $1200 and would probably put it in a CD or otherwise don't expect to need it for a year then the $100 bonus from the SaveYourself account can end up netting a good return.

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