February 13, 2009

Best of Blog posts for the week February 13th

BripBrap has 10 ways to stop worrying so much about money which is advice I know I can use right now and I suspect many many other people out there could benefit from now as well.

Trent at TheSimpleDollar talks light bulbs: The Light Bulb Showdown: LEDs vs. CFLs vs. Incandescent Bulbs - What’s the Best Deal Now … And In The Future?

My Money Blog discusses the performance of 401k accounts for typical investers with : 401(k) Failures: Over Last 20 Years, The Average Investor Did Worse Than Cash Note that this is about how well people managed their investments. You shouldn't read it as meaning a 401k is a bad thing. A 401k with an employer match is a great investment.

The Digerati Life compares Zecco vs TradeKing: Which Online Stock Brokerage Account To Choose?

FMF has some good solid advice from Wealth Pilgrim with Five Steps to Saving & Securing Your Retirement – That Work!

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