February 5, 2009

Cash4Gold = ripoff

Cash4Gold had a commercial during the super bowl. They seem to advertise a lot. The other day the TV happened to be on the Inside Edition program and they were doing a story on Cash4Gold. Here is an online version of the Inside Edition story on Cash4Gold. They had gold items professionally appraised at $975 to $1200. Then they got initial offers from local dealers of $1153, $1100, $676 & $700 but the dealers were willing to raise their offers if initially refused. Then they send the same gold to Cash4Gold and the offer is $209 and change. Cash4Gold offered 1/3 of what any of the local dealers did. After the offer was declined they doubled it. But that still comes in hundreds less than any of the local dealers. According to Inside Edition the Better Business Bureau has given Cash4Gold an 'F' rating. However, I was only able to find a BBB site with a C+ rating.

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So, will Cash4Gold offer me cash to kill this story?

p.s. Dear Cash4Gold marketing dept., I will take $100,000 worth of gold (by your measure) to remove this article entirely.
p.p.s. Just kidding.

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