November 11, 2010

Topsy Turvey Experiment : Conclusion

This past summer  I stared a little experiment to test out the Topsy Turvey product.  I gave an update and another update.    I then got preoccupied and didn't write further.   I figured I should follow up and post a conclusion.   I'm sure you've been waiting on the edge of your seat. 

We bought a Topsy Turvey mostly on a whim and then planted a tomato plant in it.  We spent money on potting soil, the plant, the Topsy Turvey and some fertilizer.  It was easy to setup and maintain. 

We did get some nice tomatoes out of it.   However our first tomato ripened and we didn't pick it in time before it started to spoil.   Then the weather turned cold.    We didn't actually get a harvest off the plant.  However it did have at least a couple edible tomatoes.  

We started too late in the season and then didn't harvest on time.   That was our mistake.

Conclusion:  Inconclusive

Its hard to judge the Topsy Turvey based on our experience since we planted too late.   I don't know if we'd have had a more bountiful harvest if we'd started earlier but I assume so.   We did get a couple tomatoes that we could have harvested but failed to harvest.  So there was some success. 
Overall I think the Topsy Turvey worked fine.   But as I said the results of the experiment are inconclusive since we started too late and failed to harvest.

Most of the purpose of growing our tomatoes was to have fun and try to grow our own vegetables. 

Money and Time spent:
Day 1: Time spent 1 hour, cost $22
Week 1 : Time spent 1-2 minutes.
Week 2-4 : Time spent 3-6 minutes.
Week 5-8 : Time spent 3-6 minutes.

Total cost $22, Total time 1-2 hr. 
Harvested Crop = nothing.  
Lost crop = couple tomatoes

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