November 15, 2010

Star Trek Movie Collections on Sale at Amazon

Star Trek: Original Motion Picture Collection (The Motion Picture / The Wrath of Khan / The Search for Spock / The Voyage Home / The Final Frontier / The ... Captains Summit Bonus Disc) [Blu-ray]The 'GoldBox' deal at Amazon right now has the set of Star Trek movies for 61% off.

Star Trek Original Motion Picture Collection : DVD set for $34.99 

Star Trek Original Motion Picture Collection : Blu-Ray for $54.99

At the sets are $45.82 and $72.77 for the DVD and Blu-Ray respectively.

You might be wondering why I think this is noteworthy.   Well I like Star Trek.     If you're not a Star Trek fan then this might make a good gift for someone you know who is.   Don't be surprised if I pass along any good sales I see on Star Wars films in the future as well.

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