November 10, 2010

Median Rent by State

Here is the list of median rents in dollars by state:

United States 819
Alabama 620
Alaska 945
Arizona 847
Arkansas 601
California 1,118
Colorado 833
Connecticut 959
Delaware 916
District of Columbia 979
Florida 946
Georgia 790
Hawaii 1,235
Idaho 677
Illinois 812
Indiana 670
Iowa 607
Kansas 653
Kentucky 581
Louisiana 678
Maine 684
Maryland 1,044
Massachusetts 987
Michigan 710
Minnesota 740
Mississippi 626
Missouri 646
Montana 613
Nebraska 634
Nevada 999
New Hampshire 919
New Jersey 1,058
New Mexico 661
New York 941
North Carolina 698
North Dakota 532
Ohio 666
Oklahoma 613
Oregon 770
Pennsylvania 715
Rhode Island 869
South Carolina 676
South Dakota 558
Tennessee 657
Texas 762
Utah 764
Vermont 778
Virginia 922
Washington 850
West Virginia 532
Wisconsin 699
Wyoming 642

Source: U.S. Census Bureau, 2006-2008 American Community Survey

Here is the information shown graphically:

Source : I got the information off the Census' American Factfinder site.    I chose the 'housing' and then 'financial characteristics' options in the left margin.   The resulting page had an entry for "Median Monthly Renter Costs, map by state" and if you click that link it shows the map of the US with different colors representing different rent levels.   From that page there is also an option on the left to view as a table.   This is the link I used to get the table but I'm not sure if it will work statically.

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