November 20, 2010

20% off and 35% cash back on Entertainment Coupon books via Ebates

[edit: Something appears broken, the blog software thinks its Nov. 20th and its the 19th.  Sorry for any confusion.]

Right now you can get the 2011 Entertainment Coupon book for 20% off with free shipping.    Plus if you buy the coupon book via Ebates you get 35% cash back.

Prices may vary from city to city but here is the prices for many cities:
Retail price : $35.00
Sale Price : $28.00
Ebates cash back : $9.80
Final cost after cash back : $18.20 for total savings of ~48% off retail

Should you buy one?    Maybe.
If you already use these things and like em then you can make your own decision if its worth it to you.
I bought a Coupon book a couple years ago and we didn't get our money's worth out of it.   I think these books can be a great deal for some people.   For it to work you have to use the coupons and I wouldn't be using them just to use them.   In otherwords, saving 50% on a meal you would have bought anyway is a good deal, but going to a restaurant you've never heard of just to get a discount isn't really a good deal.   At least not unless you want to try a bunch of different restaurants and would have liked to do so anyway.   If you're considering buying one then go on the site and look at the merchants who have coupons in your city and see who there you'd actually buy stuff from.

Bottom Line :  Don't get a coupon book unless you're very sure it will save you money that you would have spent otherwise.

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  1. Ebates is a great recommendation. Some other good ones include bigcrumbs, mr rebates and shopathome. Best way to compare all the best cash back sites that I've found is to use


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