August 27, 2010

Topsy Turvey Experiment : Update #2 - One Month In

About a month ago I stared a little experiment to test out the Topsy Turvey product.   We're growing tomatoes in our Topsy Turvey.   I'm trying to answer two questions for myself:   Is it a worthwhile product?   Is it a good investment of time and money?

In my second update on the experiment I showed the progress after one week.   The update summary then was 'so far so good'.   Now its been a full month since we started so I figured I'd give another quick update.

Todays Update:   So far so good.

The tomatoes are continuing to grow and there have been no problems with the Topsy Turvey.   The only additional work has been watering which takes my wife a few seconds a day.

You can see in the photo that our tomato plant now has 4 tomatoes growing on it.   The larger tomato is between the size of a golf ball and a tennis ball right now.   The other tomatoes are about 1" in diameter roughly.

Money and Time spent:
Day 1: Time spent 1 hour, cost $22
Week 1 : Time spent 1-2 minutes.
Week 2-4 : Time spent 3-6 minutes.

Did I mention they are Organic?

I guess I forgot to spell this out previously.   We are growing the tomatoes 'organically' which for us means we're not using any pesticides or herbicides on them and only using a natural fertilizer.  This shouldn't impact things a lot either way, but its a detail I figured I'd mention.  Eventually when I compare the return on investment I'll be comparing to the cost of buying organic tomatoes which are more expensive than non-organic.

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  1. My mom uses a Topsy Turvy for her tomatoes. Big advantage: She doesn't have to stoop to water or pick the tomatoes and there's no weeding. At 83 years old, this is a good thing.


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