August 9, 2010

Sign Up for Mileage Card and Get Free Airfare

Want to fly for free?   If you sign up for a mileage card then you can get enough bonus miles for a free roundtrip airfare.  Seems that every airline I see is offering enough bonus miles for a round trip ticket for signing up for their card.

American Airlines has a card from Citi that will give you 30,000 miles if you spend  $750 within 4 months.

United has a card from Chase that offers 25,000 miles after you spend $250

Alaska Airlines mileage card from Bank of America will get you 25,000 miles.

Delta's skymiles card from American Express offers 25,000 bonus miles.

Southwest's card from Chase will give you 16 rapid reward credits after your first purchase

Continentals card via Chase has 25,000 miles after the first purchase.

US Airways dividend card from Barclay gives you 25,000 miles if you spend $750 within 3 months.

Frontier's card from Barclays gives you 25,000 miles after you spend $500 in the first 3 months.

Thats every major airline I can think of.  

You could sign up for one or more of these cards in order to get the free bonus mileage and then cash in for a free round trip airfare.  

I do not recommend getting a credit card if you're unable to pay off your balance very month.  

Each card has an annual fee in the range of $60 to $100.  There may be additional rules to follow to qualify for the bonus miles.  Of course there is no guarantee you'll be approved for the cards in question and some of the mileage deals only apply to the higher end cards status so you may not be able to get the card with the mileage deals.

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