August 13, 2010

Best of blog posts for week of August 13th

Pop Economics makes an argument for Why you should ask for a raise now

The large paychecks in this TV Guide article on how much TV stars make are a little surprising to me but they really shouldn't be.

Darwin's Finance cautions against For-Profit College Scams – Really Think Before Enrolling

WiseBread asks Is Pet Health Insurance Worth it?   He spent $14 a month for 18 months.  Then they had a $545 vet bill but the insurance benefit was only $135.  When I asked the same question : Is Pet Insurance Worth Buying?   I decided it wasn't.  The major down side to pet insurance that I've found is the maximum  amounts they payout rarely cover the actual cost.

Budgeting in the Fun Stuff sees an expensive gas station getting customers and asks  Why Buy WAY More Expensive Gas?!

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