August 31, 2009

Net Worth Update : August 2009 +$15,234

I track my net worth monthly on NetworthIQ.

For August 2009 my Net Worth is $631,524 which is up $15,234 from July.

This is another record high figure for our net worth.

Again the increase in net worth is primarily due to higher real estate and retirement accounts. My retirement accounts were up over 4% and the real estate values increased more than 2%.

My cash balance was down just a little. I had increase in cash due to a sale of stock and cashing in my employee stock purchase shares. We also spent a lot of cash on some home improvements. We spent over $6000 on insulating our home and over $6000 more to landscape our yard. A portion of the insulation costs were paid in last month. I'm surprised that we spent as much money as we did this past month yet still had a substantial increase in net worth.

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