July 21, 2009

Save Big buying Vitamins at Costco or Online

I've realized that we're overpaying on some food and household items at our local grocery store. I am working on doing some price research to compare prices on the items we buy on a regular basis, but I've only just started. One item I have found a significant price difference for is vitamins.

Lets look at one example : Nature Made 1200 Mg Omega-3 Fish Oil supplements

Safeway : a 180 count jar for $19.99
Amazon : 375 count for $22.99
Costco : 375 count for $15.39

Per pill that comes to prices of :
Costco: $0.04
Amazon: $0.06
Safeway: $0.11

Costco is 63% cheaper than Safeway and Amazon is 45% cheaper. Look at it another way, if you use 1 vitamin a day then you'd be spending $40.15 /year at Safeway and only $15.39 at Costco. Thats a $24.76 savings per year for just one vitamin. If you take a few vitamins then the savings could add up significantly.

Fish oil is just one example another is a daily multi-vitamin A store brand senior daily multi vitamin is about $13 for 400 at Costco and $23 for 300 at Safeway. Thats about $16 a year difference.

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