July 31, 2009

Net worth update July 2009 : +$25,468

I track my net worth monthly on NetworthIQ.

For July 2009 my Net Worth is $616,290 which is up $25,468 from the previous month.

Thats a pretty good jump for one month. The net worth is a new record high.

The main reasons it went up so much are increases in real estate values and retirement accounts. My house value jumped up quite a bit in the past month and our rentals also increased. The value of our house was up about 5% and the other property about 2%. My retirement accounts also grew pretty well and they were up about 5%.

Cash and stock value didn't change a whole lot. I did actually sell some stock but the rest of the stock I've got has increased in value. I've even got some value in stock options now. Previously my stock options were not worth anything since the grant price was lower than what the stock was trading at. We paid half the bill to get our house insulation done so that ate up the profits from the stock sale.

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