July 8, 2009

Free Online Data Backup Services

I just read an article discussing Wells Fargo's vSafe service which they are selling online backup starting at $4.95 / month for 1 GB of data. I figured there had to be some services that give you that much storage for free so I did a quick Google search and easily found some.

Free online backup services:

Mozy offers 2GB of backup for free.

DriveHQ offers 1GB of free storage.

ADrive advertises 50GB of free storage (for individual use only).

So there you are 3 online services that give you similar offering for free.

I haven't used any of the 3 services myself. If you're interested in using them then I'd recommend you do some searches for reviews of each and make sure to compare their features.

Next time you see someone selling something then why not take the time to do a search for the keywords "free" and the service name on Google and see what you come up with. You might find a way to save $5 a month or more.

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