July 17, 2009

Best of blog posts for week of July 17th

Frank at Bad Money Advice mentioned this eHow article on How to Get a Free Flight by Getting Bumped I don't know if its a tactic I'd like to use since I tend to hate complications with air travel, but it sounds like a good way to try and get free air fare.

Jim at Bargaineering gives 8 Reasons Credit Cards Beat Debit Cards

The Wallet at WSJ has a couple articles this month recounting troubles he's had with AOL billing.
You’ve Got Blackmail: The AOL Account That Wouldn’t Die and the follow up You’ve Got Blackmail II: AOL Responds If you've ever had an AOL account and tried to cancel it then you're probably somewhat familiar with their business tactics.

Billshrink has an interesting chart on the Cost Efficiency of Transportation

MyMoneyBlog passes along an offer from BofA to get $100 for a new checking account: Bank of America Promotion Offer Code: $100 Bonus For New Accounts

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