July 17, 2009

Cheap Online Degrees starting at $16,080

Think that a 4 year college degree is going to cost you $160,000 or more total? It certainly doesn't have to. Going to a local public state school and living at home can cut the costs significantly. But even public schools aren't always cheap. Average tuition at public 4 year colleges is $6,585 annually. But thats still $26,340 for 4 years. Whats more you might not have a public college within commuting distance so housing costs might run it up even higher.

One possible way to cut the costs is to go to college online only. There are more and more online study programs from accredited colleges across the country. Some of these can be very inexpensive when compared to tuition and other costs for on campus study.

The site GetEducated features a list of Best Buys in business degrees. Some of the online programs have the same tuition rate for non-residents. Below are a few of the online college bargains available.

Total cost for tuition for an online BS degree for non-residents:

University of Wyoming : $16,080

Fort Hays State University : $19,964

SUNY Empire State College: $21,380

Troy University eCampus: $24,000

Eastern Oregon University: $25,430

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