July 16, 2009

Free and cheap magazine subscriptions

This site Lowpricesubs.com is offering free 1 year subscriptions to the following magazines:

  • Bassmaster 2 yrs
  • Weight Watchers 1yr
  • Muscle & Fitness 1yr
  • Field & Stream 1yr
  • Latina 1 yr
  • ESPN Magazine 1 yr

To get the subscription you fill in your shipping info and say which magazine you want in the comments section. There is no credit card required. I haven't tried it and I don't plan to since none of the options is anything I personally read.

But the site also has other subscriptions for other magazines at discount prices. 1 year of Car and Driver for $4, Motor Trend for $3 and Road and Track for $5.

I heard about the offer at Fatwallet.

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