January 26, 2009

Use Free trials of Online games before buying

Online video games can be a frugal choice for PC gaming or your entertainment spending in general. A subscription to an Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) will usually run about $15 a month. Many people play MMORPGs several hours a week so the $15 cost can buy you many hours of entertainment in a month.

Before you pay the monthly fee for an MMORPG, you should first try out various games with their free online trials.

Trying out the games first will let you know if the game is worth paying full price for and worth signing up for a subscription. This is a no lose proposition. You can try the game free for 1-2 weeks first and you risk nothing. If you love the game then great sign up, but if you don't like it then no money is wasted.

Plus I'd also recommend that you try out as many different games as you can before deciding on paying for one. There are a variety of MMORPGs on the market each with different styles and strengths. While World of Warcraft might suit many people you on the other hand might enjoy D&D Online or City of Heroes more. So try out various games first before you settle on just one.

Below are a list of several MMORPGs that are currently running free trials.

World of Warcraft has a 10 day free trial
Warhammer Online You can get a free 7 day trial via a recruit-a-friend referral.
Pirates of the Burning Seas Has a 14 day free trial
Vanguard Saga of Heroes has a 14 day free trial
A Tale of the Desert IV has a 24 hour gameplay trial which can be used over multiple settings.
City of Heroes has a 14 day free trial
Dungeons and Dragons Online has a 10 day free trial
Star Wars Galaxies has a 14 day free trial
Everquest 2 has a 14 day free trial
EVE Online has a 14 day free trial

If you try out the games first you can compare them and find the one you like most. Trying games out free first will let you test them without spending any money up front. Plus if you try out all the games listed here then this will add up to about 15 weeks of free online gaming while you are doing your test drives.

Warning: Online gaming can be very addictive. If you suspect you may have a problem with gaming addiction then I'd recommend you stay away from MMORPGs.

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