January 22, 2009

Entertainment costs per hour

You get a lot more 'bang for the buck' out of some forms of entertainment. A deck of playing cards is going to last you countless hours and only costs $1. On the other hand tickets to an NFL game can easily run $50-75 and the game lasts about 3 hours.

Below are a list of common forms of entertainment and how they compare in terms of cost per hour. The costs and number of hours are estimates. The figures given are averages and in many cases you could easily spend considerably more or less.

CostHoursCost / Hour
Library book$0 10$0.00
Playing Cards$1 100$0.01
Reading a newspaper$0.50 2$0.25
Online MMO video game subscription (10hr/week)$15 40$0.38
Buy a used book$4 10$0.40
RedBox DVD rental$1 2$0.50
Netflix 3 at a time (3 movies/week)$15 24$0.63
Buy a new book$8 10$0.80
MMO subscription (4hr/week)$15 16$0.94
Second Run movie ticket$3 2$1.50
Cable TV subscription$70 40$1.75
Buy a new video game$50 25$2.00
Blockbuster DVD rental$4 2$2.00
Video Arcade$2.50 1$2.50
Movie ticket$9 2$4.50
2 Rounds bowling$10 2$5.00
Mini Golf$5 1$5.00
Pool & drinks$11 2$5.50
3 day frugal trip for 2 to Vegas (no gambling)$600 82$7.32
Adult movie ticket & snacks$15 2$7.50
Ski lift ticket all day$60 8$7.50
Breakfast out$12 1.5$8.00
MLB ticket $25.40 3$8.47
18 holes of golf$39 4$9.75
Dinner out$25 2$12.50
5 day spendy trip for 2 to Vegas (no gamble)$1,500 114$13.16
Music concert$50 3$16.67
NBA Tickets$49 2.5$19.60
NFL ticket$62 3$20.67


  1. Very interesting list! One problem, it doesn't show the full list on your blog, it cuts off the last two columns. It shows fine in the RSS feed though. If you can fix it, I'll give this article a stumble and tweet about it!

  2. Thanks for pointing that out. I adjustedd the width on the table and all 3 columns should show properly now. Sorry about that.


  3. Some updated information on this, citing some publicly available research data: http://radoff.com/blog/2010/06/18/entertainment-costs-hour/


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