January 16, 2009

Best of Blog posts for the week January 16th

Everybody Loves Your Money alerts us to Free Coffee and Donuts on Inauguration Day The free donut is from Krispy Kreme and the free coffee from Starbucks

Lazy Man and Money looks at a few ways to Save Money on Your Landline Phone

Early this week I got a mention in The Digerati Life blog roundup: Dividend Paying Stocks from The S & P, Volatile Stock Market: The Roundup

Wise Bread covers the fact that Old calendars never really go out of date. which means you can recycle old calendars for current years.

The WSJ recommends you file for college financial aid early: Seeking Financial Aid for College? Better Get FAFSA Forms in Early

Early Retirement Extreme presents the first 2 weeks of a step by step 30 day Extreme retirement plan : Day 15: The first two weeks of the make over

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