January 19, 2009

Is Angie's list worth it?

I have heard of this website called Angie's List. Its supposed to be a site where people post reviews and get referrals for various service providers in their town. By service providers I mean stuff like auto mechanics, plumbers, movers, etc. It can be difficult to find a good business to work with when you need something fixed around the house or have a car breakdown. You never know going in if you'll get over charged or if they'll do the job well. So it would seem that a site like Angie's list would be a good resource since it would help give you some information on the quality of different services.

The fees seem to vary depending on location. They have a page where you can find the fees.
Roughly it looks like they charge about $50-60 a year or $7 a month give or take. The fees seem high to me. However this cost could easily be offset by one good referral and avoiding one bad experience. The fees may be worth it but it really depends on how good the service is.

On ePinions they have a 2.5 / 5 rating which is not particularly good. Many of the reviewers complain of low quality data and small amounts of reviews. I found this page with a bunch of comments and very mixed reviews with many negative reviews.

I asked around and found out that my Mother in Law had been a member of Angie's list here and she had cancelled it. She was a member when it was free but didn't continue the service after they started charging fees.

Given the reviews I don't think I'll sign up for Angies' list.

I really like the idea and it seems like it could be a good money saver in general. But unless I have a good idea that the service is worth paying for I'm not about to fork over $25-50 to sign up for it. I really wish they had a free trial offer so you could at least see the volume of reviews in your town. Otherwise you're signing up totally blind and I hate pay services like that.


  1. http://www.angieslist.com/SPDirectory/

    Clicking through there will give you an idea of how many companies are rated in your area. :)

  2. Angie's list stinks, IMHO. The "neighborhood city" they gave me was an hour and a half away from me. When I tried to get onto "another neighborhood" it wanted me to pay more money!!

  3. I like to use Angies List services... It's really beneficial...

  4. Very disappointed in
    Angie's List. Even leaving feedback has its risks. We've been chased down by one firm because it didn't like our review. Another was allowed to post a rebuttal that was insulting and inaccurate.

  5. The best I can do, is relay my experience to others.

    My first encounter was an email that my landscape and tree company got a review on Angie's List. So I started a contractor connect page. The review was by an actual customer, who gave all "A" ratings and commented they got more than their moneys worth. That review also fits the nature of my own testimonials page at:


    Later, last autumn, another person gave me an "F" rating. I never talked to them by phone, nor gave an estimate or worked for them. They had merely emailed, and did not like that I give free estimates if other bids requiring a license are from licensed contractors. Angie's List confirmed that people like this can give ratings which affect other ratings, even if they have never so much as talked to a company.

    Just this last week, another person who I worked for recently, submitted a complete "A" report, also stating they got more than their money's worth.

    So there are the facts, without even interjecting my opinion.

    Two separate customers who I worked for, both gave an A in every category, plus extra positive comments. And the one other person who I never met or talked to, gave an F with extra negative commnents. The person who gave an F, dropped my companies overall rating to a "B" for about 4 to 5 monthe.

    At least once, I have mentioned or written to Angie's List, that they should consider listing ratings separately, for people who have and have not hired a service.


    M. D. Vaden of Oregon / www.mdvaden.com

  6. M.D. Vaden,

    Thanks for sharing your story.

    It certainly doesn't seem right that they would count reviews from people who didn't actually use a businesses services.


  7. Angies List Don’t Do It http://www.angiesconlist.com
    My Company received a poor review from a “non client”. We were able to prove the person posting was not a client however Angies List would not remove the post. Their suggestion was to have our clients purchase memberships or submit a marketing peace from their company to “our clients” and have them submit free reviews to another portion of thier site. Obviously this would promote their site and give the impression to our real clients that we support their forum. We believe this is extortion. They allowed “non clients” to post false things about our company and then told us to have our real clients purchase memberships to dilute the bogus posts. We actually caved into this extortion and purchased memberships for our actual clients so people would see real reviews not just bogus posts. Angies List claimed that because we purchased the memberships for our clients they felt we fabricated the postings and deleted our real clients memberships. Obviously this is a harmful action.

    Here is what Evan Hock, Operations Manager @ Angies Help Desk Wrote To Our Company.
    Because We Did Not Follow Their Suggestions To Promote Their Company He Insults Us By Saying Our Method Was Fraudulent
    Wonderful Customer Services ” Evan” We Appreciate Your Comments AND FALSE ACCUSATIONS
    Here are his comments: Please reach out to Mr. Hock and tell him what you think about his customer service skills towards a forced member here is his number and email: EVANHO@ANGIESLIST.COM or Phone: 317-396-9622

    HIS COMMENTS : Further, I have reason to believe that your involvement in gathering some or all of these reports is beyond the mere purchase of the memberships. I believe that you have set up these accounts, and have submitted the reports on your own business in an effort to falsely inflate your rating on our service. It should be noted that the penalty for self reporting is a one year suspension from the list, during which time your profile would not be available in category/keyword searches, and would contain a notification of the activity we found. Angie’s List has not suspended your business while our investigation is being conducted, but we reserve the right to do so. We will be removing the aforementioned reports today. By doing so, Angie’s List is in no way singling you out. Rather we are acting in accordance with our published guidelines. To not enforce the guidelines would be to give you special treatment, which Angie’s List cannot and does not do.

    If you need help gathering service reports by legitimate means, we have a number of free tools at your disposal. Most notably, we offer a program called “Fetch” through which we will contact your clients on your behalf to gather feedback on your business. I understand you may have thought it necessary to purchase memberships for your clients, but with nearly 50,000 Angie’s List members in the area, I think you might be surprised how many of your 9000 happy clients are already members, and would thus be eligible to give you a report. If you’d like information on this free program, please let me know.





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