January 10, 2009

BMG Music club no longer taking new members and new YourMusic club

If you go to the BMG Music club website you will be presented with a notice that they are no longer taking new members and a link about their other music club YourMusic.com

I always thought that the 7 CD's for 1¢ promotions from BMG were a great deal. It is too bad that BMG is not taking new members.

The landing page for BMG has an ad for the YourMusic club and says that "All CD's are one low price, you get a FREE CD when you subscribe and shipping is always FREE!" That seemed like a compelling deal so I took a look at their site. They do offer a low price of $6.99 per CD with free shipping. Thats about equivalent to the sale prices you'd get off BMG. BUT .. heres the catch: With the YourMusic club they automatically send you a CD each month out of a queue you setup. So it is more like a CD of the month club. If you buy a decent amount of CDs then YourMusic could be a good deal. You can also buy additional CDs for the same $6.99 total price.

Overall YourMusic seems like a pretty good deal. But it would only work out well if you buy a lot of CDs and really want to get at least 1 CD per month.

Some other cheap alternatives for buying CDs / music:

* Buy digital MP3 downloads from retailers like Amazon.com or Apples iTunes. Generally about 80¢ - $1 per track or full albums for $5-10 range. Digital downloads are great for individual tracks and very convenient. But you don't get a physical CD and have to use your own media if you want to burn a CD. There can also be license restrictions on some digital files.

* Buy used CDs at music stores or via sites such as eBay. You can find good deals and theres a wide selection. Prices will vary a lot but you can find some bargains. Usually used CDs are as good as new but you have to be careful to look for damage on the disc.

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