January 9, 2009

Best of Blog posts for the week January 9th

JD at Get Rich Slowly points out a limited time offer to get a Free Downloadable Suze Orman Book from Oprah, offer expires Jan. 15th.

Are You Maximizing Netflix? points to the service called FeedFlix that will analyze your Netflix usage. This one is from Jim at Blueprint for Financial Prosperity.

I love fancy economic graphs and charts and historic data. This week The Digerati Life looks at the economy with : Studying Business Cycles: Economic Graphs of The Current Economic Cycle and some awesome graphs by an analyst of International Economics, Paul Swartz. The graphs show how the current economic trends around our current recession compare to other recession cycles on average. In a lot of ways the recession is typical thus far but in other ways its unprecedented.

Trent at The Simple Dollar talks asks Do Children Really Cause Financial Burdens? Like I've concluded in the past, Trent feels the reports citing the lifetime cost of a child as over $200k are inflated.

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  1. Thanks for the link! I appreciate the mention. :) Charts are my favorite thing...


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