November 18, 2008 $25 certificate for $2 ends Thursday Nov 20

There is another promotion for certificates:

80% off Savings on $25 Gift Certificates. $2 when you use code SURPRISE.Valid only 11/18/08 thru 11/20/08.

The promotion ends on Thursday November 20th.

Info on certificates:

I have used these at my steak house in the past and they worked great. But if you're interested in getting them then first: Check the site and see what restaurants in your area take the certificates. Second check out the rules and limitations for the gift certificates. For example my steak house requires a minimum purchase of $50 to use the $25 certificate and they require a mandatory 18% gratuity. Lastly I wouldn't recommend buying them unless you plan to use them shortly. The restaurants that accept the certificates can change over time.

For more on saving money at restaurants see my older posts:

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