November 7, 2008

Best of Blog posts for the week of November 7th

All Financial Matters discusses what happened after the 50 worst months in S&P 500 history: The 50 Worst Months in S&P History and What Followed This post was from last Friday but I missed it then. Looking at the worst 5 months where the index dropped 20% or more, the following 5 year periods all showed 13% annual growth rates.

Free Money Finance discusses Three Reasons to Invest in Gold the discussion is actually about a Kiplinger article discussing reasons people buy gold and it generally lays out why they are NOT good reasons.

Jim at BluePrint for Financial Prosperity weighs in against payday loans and credit card advances with : Avoid These Three “Short-Term” Loans

The Digerati Life points out a deal Discover Credit Card Rewards, Sign Up Bonuses and Holiday Promotions where you can get a $20 gift card for charging $200 at certain participating shopping malls around the country. So check to see if your local shopping mall is on the list.

My Money Blog examines a stable value fund with : Should I Invest In My 401(k)’s Stable Value Fund?

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