November 24, 2008

Average wages and benefits

According to a report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, average pay was $19.85 an hour and benefits amounted to $8.64 per hour as of June 2008.

Pay $19.85 (69.7%)
Benefits $8.64 (30.3%)

The cost of benefits break down as:
Health, disability and life insurance $2.39
Social security, medicare, unemployment insurance and workers comp $2.25
Vacation, holiday, sick leave and personal leave $1.99
Retirement and savings $1.25
Supplemental pay $0.76

Here is how the separate benefits and the base pay look as %'s of the whole:

Keep in mind these are average numbers. So they may be skewed up or down. The median numbers would give a better representation of the 'typical' worker.

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