November 17, 2008

BMG Music Club is a good deal

Joining the BMG Music club is a good deal. Their initial membership offer gives you 12 CDs for the price of 1. When you sign up you get 7 CDs for free first and then after you buy your 1 full price CD you get 4 more free CDs. The full price CD will run you around $20 usually and then $2.79 shipping is added per CD. So the total for buying the 1 CD and shipping on all 12 would run you around $54. This comes out to a rate of $4.50 per CD.

OK so what is the catch you might ask? The only real catch for BMG is that they will automatically send you their selection of the month unless you specifically decline it. This means that eventually you'll probably miss the deadline to reject a selection and you'll end up with a CD in the mail that you didn't want and a bill for about $23. So if you decide to join the club and then stay in it for any length of time its important to make sure you decline the selections of the month assuming you don't want to purchase it.

The initial offer for new members on BMG is the best deal. After you've bought your 1 CD at full price and gotten all your free CDs from the 12 then you are free to quit the club if you want. However if you stay in the club you can take advantage of their normal member deals. BMG frequently offers buy 1 get 2 free or get 70% off type deals. Right now the Christmas sale at BMG is get 5 for the price of 1 offer. Regular club prices are about $19-24 per CD generally. Buy 1 get 2 free comes out to about $10 per CD. Get 5 for 1 is about $7.50 per CD.

BMG is always sending members an offer for a sale. In the past 3 months I've gotten offers from BMG for the following sales: Buy 1 get 4 free Halloween sale, get 5 for the price of 1 Christmas sale, an 80% off sale, Buy 1 and pay 99¢ per CD sale, and a CDs for $3.99 sale. The 5-for-1, 80% off sale and $3.99 sales come out to about $7.50 range per CD with shipping added. The Buy 1 and get additional CD's for 99¢ sale would be a good deal if you were buying a large number of CDs. For 10 CDs that sale would average about $5.90 per CD and for 20 CDs it would be about $4.85 per CD. BMG has frequent sales and the sales prices are good deals for new CDs.

So if you are a music lover that buys a fair amount of CDs then consider joining the BMG music club. Its a good way to save on new CDs. Just remember to decline the selection of the month.

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