November 10, 2008

Updown : down -16%

Practice invest

My Updown performance has been pretty poor lately. I'm down 16% total since March when I started. The S&P 500 is down almost 30% for the period while the Dow and NASDAQ are both off about 28%.

Only a couple of my stock picks are positive overall right now. AT&T and Walmart are both up roughly 3% from what I paid for them.

I put around $280k into about half a dozen REITs and they have lost around 20-20% so far as a group. Buying the REITs was a long term investment with the assumption that the REIT market would recover in a couple years and in the time being their high dividend yields would help add to my returns. The REITs are yielding 15-30% each from dividends.

While my performance in Updown hasn't been anything to brag about lately, I think its a fun game and helps me learn more about picking stocks.

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