November 6, 2008

Discounts on gift cards via eBates

The eBates website that I mentioned the other day lets you buy gift cards and gift certificates from certain vendors. You can use this to get a discount on gift cards.

They have a page listing merchants that you can buy discount gift cards from. The list includes Borders with a 8% discount, Zappos 5%, Sears 4%, Old Navy 6% and others. THey also give a discount of 4% for which sells gift cards and certificates for many vendors.

The website has a variety of merchant cards., American Airlines, Crutchfield, The Gap, Marriot, McCormick and Schmick (cheaper via Costco for 20% off), REI, Regal Cinemas, and many others. However with the site some of the cards do have fees. The fees could eat up the discount. For many of them the fee is $1.00. If you're buying a $100 certificate then thats 1% and you still come out ahead 3%.

The best deal from eBates is the Borders gift cards at 8%. The Amazon cards via GiftCertificates is also a decent deal at 4% with no fees.

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