October 18, 2008

Save 20% on gift cards at Costco

Costco has gift card packages for certain restaurants where they sell 2 x $50 gift cards for $79.99. So you're getting $100 worth of dining for about $80. That is 20% off on the cost of the gift cards. I actually mentioned this one in passing a while ago in my post Saving at Restaurants #3 - using gift cards but its a good money saver that I wanted to elaborate on.

On the Costco website right now they have gift card offers for these restaurants:

McCormick and Schmicks - includes a cookbook, they have locations across the country
Brooks Steakhouse - In Denver.
Rosemary's Restaurant - Las Vegas
Delmonicos - New York, NY

I've seen other restaurants gift cards plus some local theme park gift cards sold at my local Costco off and on in the past. Their inventory varies as usual for Costco. So you might check out what they have in stock at your location.

All of these restaurants appear to be high end restaurants. So you should be aware of the total costs of dining at the restaurant before you get a gift card. In other words, don't spend too much just cause its 20% off. But if you're looking to save a few bucks for a nice dinner out then this is an easy way to get $10 off a night out a couple times.

They could also make a good gift for someone you know who would like a nice dinner out.

The Costco website also have some items for travel:

Go San Diego card for 3 days of park admissions for $130 for adults or $100 for children 3-12.
Bed and Breakfast $100 for $80 - good for stays at over 4,000 B&B's in the US & Canada

Plus they have discount iTunes cards as well. $50 iTunes cards for $47.

So, check your local Costco and/ or visit the Costco.com website to look for some good deals on discount price gift cards.

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