October 4, 2008

Net worth update : Sept. 2008 = -$16,591

Our net worth was down $16,591 for the month of September. In Sept. our net worth ended at $577,045 whereas in August we were at $593,636. I track my net worth as Freeby50 at NetWorth IQ.

The loss this past month is due to the drop in the stock market. I still own some employer stock that I've been divesting and that went down over $3,500 this month and my retirement accounts dropped over $10,000 as well. Lastly I have some options at work that went down in value by a few thousand too.

I'm not worried about this drop. The stock market will have its ups and downs. Most of my loss was in my retirement accounts which are long term investments that should recover in the coming years.

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